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We believe a holistic approach to menopause reduces symptoms better and faster than supplements alone. That's why we offer a free app and coaching to subscribers.

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We recognize that getting menopause support from some healthcare providers and sifting through misinformation online is frustrating for many women. Phenology connects you with your coach for an empathetic listening, holistic lifestyle management, and resources for your nutrition, health, and wellness.

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Our Coaches

Jessica Corwin
After her third pregnancy Jessica was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. In order to avoid medication and alleviate her symptoms, she went through the trials and tears of a strict elimination diet and found a dietary solution for her. After being on the ‘other side’ of the nutrition conversation, I more easily empathize with my clients. Changing our eating habits is difficult, yet when we work together to identify one small change at a time - creating new habits, the resulting boost in confidence, energy and mindset is incredibly worthwhile. 
Laura Ward
Working as a dietitian specializing in women with menopause is a deeply personal calling for me. I've seen firsthand the challenges and transformations that women go through during this significant phase of life. It's my passion to be there for them, offering personalized nutrition support that helps them navigate the hormonal shifts, manage symptoms, and maintain their overall health and vitality. I believe in empowering women to embrace menopause with confidence, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to lead healthier, happier lives as they move forward in this unique journey.
Amber Oberlin
As a woman I realize the importance of tailoring nutrition to meet the individual needs of our different phases of life. For so long menopause was a topic not to be openly discussed and was treated like a one size fits all model for care. As our science and knowledge has advanced I truly appreciate the benefits of providing individualized nutrition to make each and every woman’s experience their own and a better journey through such a milestone in a woman’s life.

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